Festive Craft Fundraising

If there is a charity that means a lot to you then you probably already make a regular donation, perhaps by direct debit. You might even have left a legacy to that charity in your Will, or maybe you regularly donate to or buy from their local shop. Perhaps you have attended charity events organised by the charity itself or by enthusiastic volunteer fundraisers.

If you have a little more time to give then perhaps you have considered fundraising but are not sure how to go about it. Well, Christmas is an excellent time of the year to begin fundraising for charity and there are many different types of charity event that you could organise quickly and easily before Christmas.


You may think that you should wait until the New Year to start fundraising but actually January is usually a tough month for many people, who are feeling the after-effects of overspending at Christmas. On the other hand, people tend to overspend at Christmas because they are already used to spending money and often feel that a little more won’t hurt – especially if it’s for a good cause. Plus, any fundraising charity event that involves selling nice little gifts that can be used as stocking-fillers or last-minute presents is bound to be popular.

If you are creative then you could organise is a craft and gift charity event. Use your local church hall or community centre (which can be hired out for a reasonable fee) and ask craft-mad friends to come along each with a skill to offer. They can sell pieces that they have made, and/or they can offer their skills at each table to teach people how to do each craft. So you could have a knitting table where people can learn to knit or crochet; a felting table; a paper craft table; a painting table and a sugar craft table.

At each table, your volunteer friends can offer to spend however much time is reasonable giving demonstrations or teaching individuals their craft. People can then buy the things they need to make the craft items they have seen demonstrated, or can buy the pieces already made. Choose festive crafts like tree decorations that people will want to give as gifts or keep for themselves over Christmas.

Or consider making a few crafts of your choice and putting them on display in your work’s staffroom with a note explaining that you are fundraising for a charity and if anybody would like to support your efforts they could buy your crafts (you could even offer to personalise them if appropriate). Choose a charity that you feel strongly about and perhaps consider supporting the RSPCA by checking out specific projects set out on their Choices website – if you are able to give details about how the money will be spent then people will probably be more willing to help.

Advertise widely and creatively: as well as handing out leaflets at your local schools and putting up posters in the local shops use the Choices page to share details of your event through social media and spread the message quickly and effectively!

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