Hollyoaks’s Sarah Jayne Dunn: ‘I’m so Happy to Be Involved in National Dog Adoption Day’

Almost 95 per cent of shelters blame owners being inspired by social media trends to impulsively purchase a dog without understanding the responsibilities of owning one, according to new research by dogsblog.com and Animal Friends Insurance on behalf of National Dog Adoption Day.

In a bid to encourage more would-be dog owners to do their research before bringing a dog into their home, Hollyoaks actress Sarah Jayne Dunn explained why she’s getting behind National Dog Adoption Day and why being a dog owner is one of the best decisions she’s ever made.

“I love being a mummy to Ming Ming, in all honesty, I think she set me up nicely for being a mummy to my little boy Stanley. She’s a wonderful dog, full of love, charm, personality and fun. She was incredibly easy to train (very food driven) and has been the most patient and perfect companion for our little boy, he calls her his best friend.

“I’m so happy to be involved in National Dog Adoption Day, I think it’s a brilliant way to spread the word about adopting a dog and it’s benefits and why it’s something you should definitely consider if you’re planning on getting a dog. It’s the most special privilege to be able to offer a loving dog a forever home, to open your arms and heart to all the love and companionship that they can bring and to help discourage illegal breeding and horrendous puppy farms.

“When we were researching getting a dog we looked into many important things before going ahead with becoming dog owners. There are many things to consider such as whether you’ll have the time to commit to training and settling in your new pet, whether the breed you are looking to get comes with any problematic health conditions (Pugs are notorious for having eye problems and Ming Ming had to have one of her eyes removed when she was just one, though this was traumatic for us it was something that didn’t come as a shock as we’d thoroughly researched the breed beforehand), how much exercise your new companion will need, what the insurance costs may be and whether you can afford to keep up with them and any additional costs such as spaying and regular immunisations.

“Having a dog is a full time, long commitment that you should be well prepared for, but as long as you’ve done all your research and financial calculations and you know that you’re in the right position to make that commitment, then it is the most rewarding and fulfilling thing you can do and it’s one of the best decisions we ever made.”

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