Ab Fab’s Joanna Lumley Meets Dalmatians Looking for New Homes

Purdey met Purdy today when Joanna Lumley rubbed noses with a Dalmatian from The Mayhew Animal Home to highlight National Dog Adoption Month in October. Joanna played a spy called Purdey in the 1970’s crimefighting team the New Avengers alongside Steed and Gambit.

Seven-year-old Purdy and Penny arrived at the rescue centre in Kensal Green, North West London, a few months ago, after their owners split up. Despite being lovely friendly dogs they have repeatedly been overlooked for a second chance home.

Joanna said:Purdy is just one of many dogs at the Mayhew Animal Home who desperately need a loving home. Thousands of dogs in the UK are just thrown away – or lose their homes – when things get tough which is why we need rescue centres but they are stretched to breaking point. It’s great to have National Adoption Month as a reminder to help dogs who are not quite so lucky at finding a second home. As a passionate animal lover I would urge people to consider adopting a rescue dog which is hugely rewarding for all sides.”

Photos by Bonnie Baker

Caroline Yates, Mayhew Chief Executive, added: “Penny and Purdy ended up in care through no fault of their own. They are lovely dogs who are used to a family environment. They lost their family and understandably they don’t want to be separated. They need a home together.”

The DogsBlog.com run initiative, National Dog Adoption Month, is aimed at raising awareness of the many rescue animals across the UK in need of a home.

If you are interested in adopting a dog please contact 0208 962 8000 or visit www.themayhew.org

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