Free Website Saves Animal Welfare Sector £24m

A dog rehoming blog set up in 2007 is celebrating the successful rehoming of dog number 10,000 – an 11 week old German Shepherd puppy called Axis. was set up by Ryan O’Meara, a former professional dog trainer and animal welfare campaigner.

The site, which is partnered with family run pet food company Butcher’s Pet Care, acts as a central hub for thousands of homeless dogs in the UK, making them visible to potential owners all over the country from the comfort of their own homes. Dog owners can browse the site by breed, making it much easier to find a dog that is suitable for them. was established to help under pressure animal shelters and rescue organisations find permanent homes for the growing number of dogs in their care. It is completely free for both the charity seeking to rehome the dog and individuals looking for a pet. The recession and recent credit crisis has caused a spike in the number of dogs being abandoned, adding extra burden to already over stretched welfare sector.

Speaking about reaching the landmark of 10,000 dogs rehomed via the site, co-founder Ryan O’Meara said:

“I’m delighted for Axis and his new owners and I’m extremely proud that he is the 10,000th dog we have helped. But I’m equally proud of the assistance we’ve been able to give to the welfare sector. We have so far relieved the dog welfare industry of £24,272,500(2) of financial burden.”

With a firm belief that dog owners should be prepared to travel for the right dog, rather than simply finding a dog that is local, DogsBlog is keen to ensure that people are committed before they even visit their potential new pet. has a strict policy of not enabling users to search for dogs by location. What would at first glance seem like a barrier to success, is actually part of why the service works. Making it difficult for casual browsers or impulse buyers has created a system that weeds out those least suitable for dog ownership.

Kim Bruce, who manages the site with daily doggy updates explains, “People who have bought a dog on impulse are among the main contributors to the harrowing dog abandonment figures. Making the site work in a way which means people may have to travel ensures that only those serious about dog ownership will enquire. This reduces the chance of that dog returning to the rescue system. We had a couple travel take a 700 mile round trip from Orkney to Middlesbrough to bring their new dog Jake home.”

But for those dedicated owners that are prepared to travel, the rewards are worthwhile. As well as finding themselves a new best friend, DogsBlog estimates that they have saved British dog owners approximately £50m(1) in total over the last three years.

What began as an idealogical experiment soon turned into an invaluable service for dog rescue centres around the UK.

Ryan explains: “I’d always been fascinated with Channel 4’s Pet Rescue programme and how after showing a dog thousands of calls would flood in to rehome him and so with the web taking such a prominent position now and people adapt to searching online, I thought why can’t the web do the same thing?” Over the past 3 years the innovative website has grown from strength to strength and is proud to be partnered with a family company that prides itself in having fed generations of family dogs. The partnership between the two companies works because dogs can find themselves in the animal welfare system due to behavioural problems that can be related to a poor diet. With Butcher’s variety of products containing fresh meat, natural ingredients and all the vitamins and minerals your dog needs there is no better dog food for keeping your dog “as fit as a Butcher’s dog”.

DogsBlog and Butcher’s Pet Care will continue their efforts to help more dogs find new homes through National Dog Adoption Month this September.

(1) Based on the number of people adopting a dog rather than buying a dog, multiplied by the average cost of a dog (Labrador £500)
(2) According to annual kennelling costs of £6.65 per dog per day published by *** January 2008

What The Stars Think of

Kate Humble, Wildlife TV presenter & rescue dog owner: “DogsBlog is a great place to start if you are thinking of adopting a dog. The site has lots of helpful advice and can put you in touch with a range of re-homing centres right across the country. If you can give a dog a good, loving home, adopting a rescue dog is fantastically rewarding. I did exactly that a year ago and it is the best thing I’ve ever done.”

LBC Radio’s James Max: “Whilst I am a big fan of computers and technology, what children and families benefit from more is interaction. What better way than with a dog? Exercise, fun and companionship all in one. And by taking on a dog that hasn’t got a home you’ll be doing a good turn too. is a brilliant way to find out what dogs need a home so before you shell out hundreds of pounds on a pet, why not think about adopting a dog instead?”

Kristin Bauer from hit TV show, True Blood: What a beautiful site! Very friendly, open, easy to use and every single dog I felt I knew from their wonderful profiles and photos. If you are looking for a new companion this is a great place to go. It’s the eHarmony of the rescue world, connecting you with the right companion for you. So many gorgeous, sweet furry guys that want a best friends. I know as I have two best friends in my home that rescued me AND has found new homes for 10,000 dogs! Thank God for sites and people like this in our world.

Let’s Meet The 10,000th Dog Rehomed

Axis is an 11 week old German Shepherd cross Akita who found himself looking for a new home at such a young age and after being a part of three homes and three families, found himself looking for a new home and his fourth – and final – forever home.

His new owners, Kim and Will O’Brien found out about Axis online and that he was only minutes away. Since finding his home with them, he’s settled in really well and his new family have even re-arranged their furniture showroom’s office to give him his own ‘work space’ so he can visit daily and spend quality time with his new family day in and day out.

To try and debunk the myths about dog adoption and encourage dog lovers to consider adopting, and Butcher’s Pet Care, are launching National Dog Adoption Month this September.

Visit to find the dog of your dreams – bring joy, adopt a dog!

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