GMB’s Charlotte Hawkins Becomes National Dog Adoption Day Ambassador

The UK is often referred to as a nation of animal lovers, with a quarter of households owning dogs. GMB presenter Charlotte Hawkins rescued her dog after she had been abandoned in Ireland.

She has teamed up with National Dog Adoption Day to encourage anyone considering getting a dog to think about adopting, giving a second chance to one of the tens of thousands of dogs sitting in foster homes and rescue shelters across the country.

“My rescue dog Bailey is so special to us, we rescued her as a puppy after she’d been abandoned in Ireland and was brought over to the UK for rehoming. We love her so much, she’s brought us so much joy and has been a member of the family for so long I can’t imagine what life would be like without her.

“My 4 year-old daughter Ella Rose has such a lovely bond with her, they are best friends. I’m supporting National Dog Adoption Day as there are so many dogs out there desperately needing homes, so please choose to give them a new lease of life and adopt a furry friend who’ll give you so much love in return.”

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