Dog Adoption Story: Elizabeth Allen & Alfie

Elizabeth Allen is an experienced dog owner, having owned 5 family dogs over the years, when it came time time to bring a new dog into their home to join their family and two dogs, Bella and Sula. Bella was looking for a play mate, someone to have a play around with leaving Sula to enjoy her golden years in peace happily watching on from the sidelines. And so Elizabeth and her family started their search just over 10 months ago leading her to Alfie.

Elizabeth says, I previously used to attend dog Obedience classes and agility when my first two dogs, Sam and Judy, were young dogs and was seriously considering taking up the hobby agai. I had always wanted a Rottie to return to this hobbie – we often chatted over the benefits of another dog for Bella and Sula as one would get some peace and the other a new playmate, and how new dog would benefit from obedience classes.

We started to look very seriously into the breed and considered buying a Rottie from a breeder.  However we had always had rescue dogs and felt very strongly that if you research the type of dog you are looking for and work closely with charity adopting you definitely get the dog for you.  We visited and other adoption sites regularly for a long period of time when a friend made me aware of Fife Rottweiler Rescue and remembered had also seen this through DogsBlog.  We contacted Gail at Fife Rottweiler Rescue – where we discussed why we we looking to re-home a Rottie and also looking to start obedience classes again.  Gail worked very closely with us and was dedicated into finding the right dog for our family and dogs.  We initially thought another female, however as Gail had been observing our current dogs closely on home visits she felt that we would be better with a male to suit the dynamics of the dogs together.
Elizabeth continues, Myself, Alfie and my youngest son Lewis (12 years old) attend Dog Obedience Training in Leven, where we are working towards silver in obedience, the experience for both myself and son in training and handling a dog and the socialisation and structured positive discipline for Alfie is priceless.  We are aiming towards obedience competitions and agility once Alfie has fully grown.  As for Bella and Sula they are not left out they go for long hike with Ian my husband. I would recommend to any person or family to adopt a dog as there are unfortunately to many out there waiting on an ideal homes rather than breeders that may be churning puppies out for the money.  However on the serious side do your homework on what type and breed you are looking for to suit you, your family and house, listen to the advice from the professionals and trainers that you would have available to you through adopting.  Just because you have had dogs previously, does not always mean you know best in choosing a dog and take all advice on board – we took advice from Gail in choosing best for us and we have had dogs for over 19 years, you are always learning.
They saying a “Dog is for Life” is so true, they will be a huge part of your family and there just as long as the kids, it won’t always be just like getting a puppy feeling, but you get some fab memories which are irreplaceable and the long term benefits for your family can’t be put into words.
So what’s Elizabeth’s motto?


Clap a dog & de-stress! get up, get out & walk – is ideal for talking and walking, open up communications with your family or just some alone time with your dog.


To try and debunk the myths about dog adoption and encourage dog lovers to consider adopting, and UK family company, Butcher’s Pet Care, are launching National Dog Adoption Month this September with the emphasis firmly on spreading the message that breed research is the most essential preparation any potential dog owner can do. Understanding the unique quirks and habits particular to a specific breeds enables even the most experienced owner to make a better judgement about the compatibility of their lifestyle and any new dog they intend to bring in to their home.

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