Peter Egan Supports National Dog Adoption Day, Here’s Why

Actor Peter Egan is an animal advocate and has been adopting dogs for over 20 years. He is a National Dog Adoption Day ambassador.

He explains why he supports the campaign and wants to encourage anyone thinking about getting a dog to consider adopting.

“Dogs are an essential part of our lives. In my opinion, all animals are. Dogs hold a particular importance for us because they enter into our domestic lives in a very personal way and become crucial members of our family. Dogs teach us to live in the moment without harbouring resentment or revenge. They teach us about forgiveness and compassion.

Photo Credit: K9 Magazine

“My wife Myra and I have adopted dogs for over 20 years. We think we adopted them but in truth they adopted us. At times we’ve had 7 dogs living permanently with us. Living with a pack is a unique and rewarding experience. I’ve learnt a lot about myself in the last 20 years through being a member of a pack of sometimes unruly but always devoted dogs. Lessons to do with patience, communication, commitment and empathy. Dogs have helped us to evolve. We owe them a deep level of gratitude.

“There is a time in all our lives when we become orphans. Luckily for we humans it is usually the natural transition determined by age but for dogs it happens more often as a result of cruelty, carelessness and greed. They deserve better. The greatest gift we can give them is a family. That’s why we adopt.”

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