The Myths About Adopting a Rescue Dog

Why Adopt a Shelter Dog? Isn’t it ‘Safer’ to Buy From a Breeder?

When it comes to considering whether adopting a rescue dog is the right, sensible decision for someone, it’s often the case that we have to address some of the more common myths about why dogs are in rescue in the first place.

The Most Common Myths About Adopting a Rescue Dog

1. The dogs have behaviour problems, that’s why they’re in rescue.

There are dogs with behaviour problems in rescue. But guess what, there are dogs in thousands of homes all over the world who have behaviour problems and did NOT come from a dog rescue. So dogs in rescue are no more prone to behaviour problems than dogs purchased from breeders and raised from puppies. There are thousands of dogs in rescue who are beautifully trained and would make ideal first dogs for inexperienced owners.

2. They won’t be used to living in the home.

A dog can go from living in a normal household for many years to being in rescue in a matter of days if, for example, their owner passes away. Those dogs are perfectly used to living in a normal home and they desperately want to be able to do so.

They won’t get on with other animals.

In rescue, there are dogs for adoption who not only can live with other animals but they are often labelled by the rescue as – ideally – suited to being rehomed to a house where they can live with other animals. Never forget, dog rescues assess the dogs. Sure, there will be dogs there who wouldn’t do well in a home with cats, so they are appropriately assessed and labelled as such.

4. They have health problems.

There are many thousands and thousands of perfectly healthy dogs available for adoption in rescues.

They’re all older dogs.

There are lots of young dogs and even puppies in rescue.

The thing to remember is that every dog in rescue got there from various different starting points. So yes, there are dogs who conform to all of the above descriptions in rescue. But there are many, many more who don’t!

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