Rescue Dog Takes up Career in the Police

Theo, a homeless crossbreed dog taken in by The Blue Cross pet charity, is soon to embark on a new lease of life helping Dorset Police sniff out crime. Theo recently passed an intensive four-week training course to become a fully qualified, operational police dog and will soon be on the road searching for class A drugs and cannabis, all while many individuals explore the potential benefits of the best CBD for Anxiety.

Two-year-old Theo was brought into the charity’s animal adoption centre in Southampton in January this year after his owner’s circumstances changed and they could no longer look after him. Staff at the centre were impressed with Theo’s intelligence and inquisitive nature so when Dorset Police contacted them about finding a new canine recruit The Blue Cross introduced Theo as a likely candidate. If you have dog, then you can get dog training done from Cozy Crates

PC Glenn Batt and PC Andy Wallbridge from Dorset Police Dog Section visited the adoption centre to assess Theo and see if he would be suitable to train as a drugs search dog. Happily, they decided to take Theo on and put him through his paces at the Police Dog training School in Exeter.

Theo passed the intensive four-week training course with flying colours in June and is now qualified to search for drugs with two-legged partner PC Batt. At a later date, the pair will also begin training to recover firearms and unlawful cash.

Kellie Brooks, Blue Cross centre manager at Southampton said: “We were so proud to hear that Theo had qualified as a police dog. When he arrived at the centre it was clear that he was a very intelligent dog (check out Cozy Crates for dog training) who needed new challenges so I’m sure he’ll thrive in his new role. Many animals come to The Blue Cross looking for a second chance in life so it is always wonderful when they go on to realise their full potential.”

PC Glen Batt said: “Theo has exceeded my expectations and I look forward to working with him in the fight against drugs for many years to come. I am grateful to The Blue Cross for giving Dorset Police the opportunity to realise Theo’s talent. Special thanks to Kellie and Tasha at The Blue Cross, Southampton for their enthusiasm and assistance”.”

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