Real Housewives of Cheshire’s Leilani Dowding Loves Dogs, Here’s Why

Real Housewives of Cheshire’s Leilani Dowding is a dog mum who is a National Dog Adoption Day celebrity ambassador. She explains why she advocates for dog adoption.

“I love being a dog mum. My dogs mean the absolute world to me. I advocate for adoption as there are so many wonderful dogs out there who need homes. One of my dogs now is a rescue and he’s an absolute joy. I’ve also managed to rehome a couple of injured/sick/stray dogs I’ve found who I would have loved to have kept, but already had two. I would only ever rescue now after seeing the difference it makes to them and just how many great rescue dogs are out there.”

When living in LA she rescued and rehomed three dogs, something she said was so rewarding. Now back in the UK, she tells us about the dogs she helped to set on the path to a brighter future.

“I brought Phoenix, Bella and Charlie home from three different trips to Mexico, and rehomed them once I got back.


“Phoenix was the first, I found her while horse riding on a beach. She had been attacked by another dog. I jumped off the horse, picked her up, called for help and took her straight to the vet. She pulled through, someone took care of her for a week for me until I returned to take her back to the USA and could find her a new home.”


“The lady who had taken care of Bella for me until she was strong enough to come to the US had found a little stray puppy, who was covered in ticks and fleas and full of worms. I thought I’d be able to find her a home back in the US so brought her back, and found her a home. She now lives in Bel Air.”


“Then there was Charlie. My ex-boyfriend’s (boyfriend at the time) mum found her standing in the middle of a busy road, so we brought her back and he decided to keep her.”

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