Dog Adoption Diary: Lee Hersley & Mutley

Mutley, first known as Rebecca, found herself looking for a new home at 10-11 weeks old Collie cross girl who was in the care of Dorset Dog Rescue. Lee was looking for another dog for their family and came across Rebecca’s profile on and here’s her story:

We have nothing but fun together and she has settled into our family perfectly. She loves her new big sister Lucky, who has had to adjust to Mutley’s presence but has done so really well. At first Lucky was jealous but now she plays with mutley every day and looks out for her when they are around other dogs.

Mutley enjoys the fishing life very much as we travel all around Cornwall and have just got back from the Isle of White. She loves all the different smells and walks that are found on the coastline and when we fish beaches,we always have balls or sticks to throw for Lucky and Mutley really enjoys running up and down the beach.I have to be carefull though because she has developed quite a taste for our fishing bait and she is very quick to gobble it up when we are not looking!

Her confidence has grown a great deal since joining our family,she is very loving and gentle,she is a quiet contented little girl and her training is going really well as she is a very intelligent pup. I can’t thank you enough for bringing us together, DogsBlog and I hope we can give encouragement to others thinking of adopting a dog.

September is National Dog Adoption Month, run in association with Butcher’s Pet Care and – be part of something special – bring joy, adopt a dog.

Visit to discover dogs looking for new homes across the UK.

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