Fernando’s Story

Fernando is a four-year-old dog who lives on the Isle of Man with his mum, Mandy Griffin. He has a fantastic life now, but his life began very differently. We first heard about this special boy four years ago when Starfish Dog Rescue took him and his siblings under their wing after the puppies were…

An Emotional & Inspiring Story About a Three-Legged Dog

In rescues up and down the country and all over the world there are dogs waiting for new homes who are finding it hard to be rehomed due to any number of perceived flaws. This awesome, emotional, inspiring short animation has won many awards. When you watch it, you’ll see why.

Why Do Dogs End Up In Rescue, Did They Do Something Wrong?

Many people, sadly, buy in to some of the myths about rescue dogs. They assume that a dog finds themselves up for adoption and seeking a new home because, perhaps, they did something wrong during their time with their previous owner. This isn’t true. Dogs end up in rescue for many different reasons as this…

The Myths About Adopting a Rescue Dog

Why Adopt a Shelter Dog? Isn’t it ‘Safer’ to Buy From a Breeder? When it comes to considering whether adopting a rescue dog is the right, sensible decision for someone, it’s often the case that we have to address some of the more common myths about why dogs are in rescue in the first place….