Announcing The UK’s First National Dog Adoption Month

More than 100,000 dogs await new owners in UK adoption shelters. New awareness campaign aims to show the great benefits of adopting a dog.

For many, the idea of adopting or ‘rescuing’ a dog carries with it a certain image. A notion of doing a good deed, taking on a problem dog or an ill treated animal with a multitude of behaviour and psychological issues is a common perception of dog adoption. The reality is very different.

Dogs end up in adoption shelters for a wide variety of reasons such as former owners no longer having the finances to keep a dog, ill health or death of previous owner or a major change of circumstance. Within the UK animal welfare system are literally tens of thousands of dogs who would – and indeed do – make superb, lifelong family pets. In fact, choosing a dog from a shelter has many advantages over and above buying a puppy. For one, new owners can often get a great appreciation of the dog’s personality, likes and dislikes. Secondly, adopting a dog enables owner to hone their selection criteria to ensure they are taking home the perfect dog for their lifestyle. One of the major reasons why dogs actually end up in a shelter is because people often select the wrong dog for their particular lifestyle. Any dog adoption centre will work hard to avoid this happening so owners and dogs are very carefully matched.

National Dog Adoption Month is an initiative run in conjunction with the UK dog adoption website and D.A.P, which is a pheromone product that de-stresses dogs who may be in a period of transition. One of the common reasons owners turn their dogs into shelters is because they are not prepared for dogs who get unsettled when being left alone. National Dog Adoption Month is as much about preventing more dogs going into shelters in avoidable circumstances as it is getting more dogs out of shelters and in to new, loving, permanent homes.

During the month of August, National Dog Adoption Month is promoting one very simple, very important message: ‘Dogs in rescue shelters are not damaged goods. They are normal, happy, fun filled dogs who simply need a new home with a new family’.

The campaign aims to completely dispel the myth that ‘rescue’ dogs need pity or sympathy. Or that dogs in shelters are somehow there due to problems in their makeup, physical or emotional. The national dog adoption website shows, clearly, that adoption centres are full, literally to bursting point, with all manner of different dogs of different backgrounds of various personality types. National Dog Adoption Month aims to prove to all would-be dog owners that the dog of their dreams is in an adoption shelter somwhere. All they need to do is look.

Adopting a dog is a concept supported by a growing list of celebrities. UK artist Lilly Allen is about to adopt a dog from Battersea dogs home, George Michael, John Barrowman, Geri Haliwell and Drew Barrymore are just some of the stars who have adopted a dog. Even US presidential candidate Barack Obama is being encouraged to adopt having promised his family a new dog regardless of whether he wins the presidential race or not.

Throughout the month of August there will be a number of dog adoption success stories, local fundraisers/open days held by rescue shelters and various events designed to promote the benefit of adopting a dog.

The aims of National Dog Adoption Month:

* To promote the concept of adopting a dog from a UK shelter
* To encourage and advise people on how to adopt a dog
* To provide information on caring for a dog responsibly
* To raise the profile of rescue organisations within local communities
* To promote the vast benefits and advantages of adopting a dog
* To advise on how to overcome common behavioural problems that often lead to dogs being rehomed

Information and Resources for Anyone Considering Adopting a Dog:

Promotional Graphics:

Promotional posters and graphics such as the one below can be downloaded and used throughout August by visiting: