Alfie’s Story

Alfie is an eight-year-old Greyhound/Saluki cross who was seized by Cardiff Dog Wardens from a traveller’s site in between Cardiff and Newport, along with the other puppies almost eight years ago.

The puppies had no fur whatsoever due to mange and had bites all over them which were considered to be other dog bites. Unfortunately, Alfie was the only one who could be saved.

His owner Diane Coles shares his story with us for National Dog Adoption Day and tells us what happened when Alfie first came home:

“Our dog, Alfie, was rehomed from Cardiff Dogs Home after being seized from a traveller’s camp along with the other puppies. Unfortunately, Alfie is the only survivor as they had no fur, mange, and bites all over them and were starving.

“When I first saw Alfie after my mum’s late partner brought him home, I cried. “How can anyone be so cruel?” I thought! Hence his name after Cilla Black’s record.”

Since he joined their family, Diane tells us Alfie’s capacity for love constantly amazes her:

“Over the last eight years, we’ve noticed that he’s really loving and gives 150% back to us and, although he’s getting older, he still loves to play.

“Alfie has so much love and affection for others it’s unbelievable! He loves children, other animals (including cats!), and adults alike. In fact, he’s so gentle he’s been attacked five times by different dogs when he lived with his late owner.”

Alfie is a National Dog Adoption Day ambassador. Diane sums up why she’s happy to be involved in the campaign:

“Our lives have changed immensely after adopting him and to us, National Dog Adoption Day means #ADOPT – DON’T SHOP!! Give a rescue dog a home – they will LOVE you for it! Adopting a dog has been one of the best things that we’ve ever done in our lives and it won’t end with Alfie!”

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